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Having a community will aid in managing land better

Guest post by student Liz Cutler - As I approached the final segment of this summer session, I reminded myself of what I had learned thus far and what I hoped to learn during these last few days. I found much of what I learned from guest speakers to be incredibly valuable. It allowed me to understand their perspectives on many of Montana’s issues, as well as reveal issues I wasn’t even aware of.  These last few days helped sharpen my understanding of sustainability in Montana, and how even the smallest details can make the biggest impact.  When speaking to Pfister and Solf, I hadn’t considered there were courses already available to ranchers and landowners, allowing them to learn and grow a community together. Once these lengthy courses are complete, these ranchers and landowners continue to work with one another and regularly check up on each other. These courses focus on how to manage land in order to meet the landowner or rancher’s goal. Landowners who want to have wildlife on their

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