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The animals are on their way

Post by 2022 student Kira Meier I was really looking forward to this wildlife section because it is more animal based. We were actively looking for animals which is more my speed. The drift fences, bird surveys, and exclosures were fun to put up and collect data for.  I was excited to pull the camera footage from the drift fences and see all the different animals we got on camera. We got quite a few deer, mice, and squirrels on almost every camera. A couple times we got images of the cows and horses grazing. Most excitingly we got a couple images of a yellow bird and a bobcat. The bird was too blurry to make out exactly what kind, but it was bright yellow all over. The bobcat was cool because it looked directly at the camera. The exclosures were put up more for us to see how the vegetation changes without animal interaction, but we also put up some game cameras and are hoping to see some cool animal activity. I like bird watching from my porch, so I was looking forward to the nest cav

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