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Management is Key

Post by Clemson Montana Summer Program student Elyse Wiederhorn

If you ask people if cutting down trees is good or bad, nine times out of ten they will say
that it is a bad thing. I would have been one of those nine people if not for the discussion we had with Jeff Hermanns, an Area Forester at State of Montana DNRC. He changed my thinking by explaining that sometimes removing trees from a thick forest will actually be beneficial in the long run for the environment and citizens alike. The work Jeff Hermanns performs is vital for rangeland management because without it wildlife and people would be in more danger from the rampant wildfires popping up in the western landscape.

After meeting with us at the Prairie Ecology Lab house Jeff Hermanns directed us to the
Haul Creek fire area where hundreds of thousands of acres of Montana fields and forests were destroyed. He showed us that the trees have still not grown back even though it has been over 30 years since the fire occurred. It was …

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